Any old iron… ?

Any old iron… ?

…….. or maybe an ancient scythe? Or a concrete birdbox that you don’t remember buying (concrete?!)  We went as sellers to our first ever car-boot sale not long ago and thoroughly enjoyed it – everyone up for some cheerful bargaining – and we ended up with quite a bit more attic and garage space. So then we had £48 (that much!) cash that we were managing without before, so we started a Refugee Tales pot.


Although GDWG runs RT, the project has to be funded entirely separately from the rest of the work. And there’s not only the annual RT event to fund, but the bi-monthly Walk With Us days out. GDWG workers and volunteers do brilliant fund-raising for RT but there’s more and more pressure on the grant-giving bodies they apply to and they can never be certain they’ll get what they need for the project. We’re walking on a shoestring!

I’m afraid I’m not up for filling in grant applications, but I‘m lucky enough to be able to put aside bits of cash that I don’t strictly need and have had fun raising, by means such as:

•    Car boot sale – variable success, but always fun
•    Selling on-line –  those local second-hand/preloved trading websites where buyer collects and you can decide the price between you
•    Passing on some no-longer-needed chicken-wire to a friend. Normally we’d give it away, but they were happy to buy when we told them about RT
•    Bellringing at weddings – I get paid for doing something I love, so I pass it on
•    Selling a raffle prize we won and didn’t want or need
•    From a friend – sale of second-hand clothes and books. She can’t do the Walk but thinks RT is doing such a good job
•    My OAP winter fuel payment – our heating bills are low because we have two wood-burners which we fuel from a local nature reserve where we help coppice during the winter

Can anyone suggest any other practical and enjoyable ways to raise bits of cash for RT?  Not everyone can spare the cash or the time to raise it, but if you can it’s staggering how it mounts up, little by little.

Sal Jenkinson   /    Walker and volunteer