Saturday 7 July – the prospect of a beautiful walk

We like to challenge you during Refugee Tales. You will learn much about immigration detention, about those detained, about the system that brings this about and probably much about yourself! However The Refugee Tales Walk is always full of surprises and delights. This year during the morning of the first […]

Seeking Refuge – The Manna Society

I read this today and needed to share it: “The other day, I was filling out a referral form with a young homeless refugee who had accessed our advice service, to try to get him a bed in a hostel. One of the questions on the form was about whether […]

Migration Museum Walk – 14 October 2017

Join the walk to support the work of the Museum and go and see their new exhibition : “No Turning Back: Seven Migration Moments that Changed Britain.” Full details on their website here. “Join the Migration Museum Project on Saturday 14 October for our second annual fundraising walk across London. […]

Any old iron… ?

Any old iron… ? …….. or maybe an ancient scythe? Or a concrete birdbox that you don’t remember buying (concrete?!)  We went as sellers to our first ever car-boot sale not long ago and thoroughly enjoyed it – everyone up for some cheerful bargaining – and we ended up with […]

Party Manifestos 2017 – Indefinite Immigration Detention

Here are the paragraphs on immigration detention from each Party manifesto.     ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION AND FOREIGN CRIMINALS There will be no amnesty for illegal immigrants. We will increase the number of immigration compliance and enforcement teams. Foreign criminals will not be granted a visa to enter the UK. Migrants […]

Photographs from Refugee Tales 2016

  There are many, many more wonderful and inspiring images of the Refugee Tales Walk 2016 taken by Sarah Hickson, our brilliant friend  – here. It is really worth spending some time looking at them to get a real flavour of walking with Refugee Tales.

The Launch of Refugee Tales 2017

“This is the best room to be” A few years ago, Refugee Tales was a crazy idea in the heads of a small group of people wondering how to let people know about their call for an end to indefinite immigration detention in our country. They knew the power of […]

Reunion Reflections

We asked our walkers how they felt after our reunion on Saturday 21 January. One wrote ‘David’s marvellous high-speed polemic was wonderfully invigorating. Felt like standing in a stiff sea breeze blowing us along together on a very worthwhile voyage’… Yes, we agree! Another wrote ‘seeing old Refugee Tales friends […]