Refugee Tales Books & Events

Refugee Tales, 2016

Refugee Tales II, 2017

Refugee Tales III, 2019

published by Comma Press  … or ask in your local good bookshop! More details here

Listen here to The Appellant’s Tale written and read by David Herd

28 of the Refugee Tales are now available to hear via the website.

This astounding resource has the Tales which were released over 28 days.
Listen and watch as each is read by either by the writer or a celebrated actor.

Refugee Tales on BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

Not a future event but one to share from Boxing Day.

On Boxing Day 26/12/18 the BBC Radio 4 Today programme was guest edited by Kamila Shamsie who included an item on Refugee Tales and the Walk With Us around Reigate in November.

The item starts around 1.33.45 on the timeline.

To accompany the programme there is a 3 minute video  which includes an interview with Gillian Slovo and with others who have experienced detention.



Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival 2020

Friday 17 July 2020 – Refugee Tales with the Tolpuddle Radical History School

“Migration, Immigration and Transportation”

Details to follow.