’28 Tales for 28 days’

‘28 Tales for 28 Days’ is a new initiative to highlight the call for a time limit and to extend conversations about indefinite detention. Actors including Jeremy Irons, Christopher Eccleston, Shobu Kapoor, Maxine Peake, Zoe Wanamaker and Niamh Cusack and writers Kamila Shamsie, Patience Agbabi, Neel Mukherjee and others have been filmed reading the tales of those who have experienced detention and those who have worked with them. All writers and actors have donated their work and the studio space was also donated.

28 Tales  appeared online each day over 28 days taking our message to a new audience. Crucially, on 25 October 2018, the message of the  28 Tales was taken to parliamentarians inside the Palace of Westminster to those who have the power to bring about legislative change and end the injustice of immigration detention.

Jeremy Irons reads The Prologue on the ’28for28′ website – which is available now as are all the rest of the ’28’.

There are more details on our Twitter and on Facebook accounts.


Listen to Maxine Peake and others


We raised all funding for filming, editing and distribution.

Many of you are strangers to us but your generosity has been overwhelming.
We’ve watched with wonder as one lone person in the seemingly indifferent crowd turned towards us and stood up to applaud what we’re trying to do, then another, and another. With this rising tide of support, Refugee Tales’ call to end indefinite detention grows louder. We reached and exceeded our stretch target of  £12,000 and we achieved something we didn’t dream of when we started our crowdfunding adventure: not only the chance to complete the film project but also bring many more people who have been detained to join us when we walk.  With your help to pay for train and coach fares and mats and sleeping bags in our basic accommodation, those who have experienced detention will become part of the walking community that shares tales and calls for a time limit for immigration detention, making that call even stronger. Thank you.
  “No-one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile” (Article 9, Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948).  70 years later, please help to make this basic principle apply in the UK to all.

There is a report on the filming our Journal here.


As Ali Smith wrote –

‘We will tell it like it is, and we will work towards the better imagined.’