Reunion Reflections

We asked our walkers how they felt after our reunion on Saturday 21 January. One wrote ‘David’s marvellous high-speed polemic was wonderfully invigorating. Felt like standing in a stiff sea breeze blowing us along together on a very worthwhile voyage’… Yes, we agree!

Another wrote ‘seeing old Refugee Tales friends and meeting new ones helps enormously to counter the unfriendly and alarming things that seem to be happening elsewhere and to remind us that there are screeds of people (and organisations) who go on acting with kindness and integrity in spite of it all. I never dreamt, when I signed up for the first walk in 2015, that the event could possibly be repeated. But it grows every year in numbers and impact and ingenuity, and heck is it timely. Happy third birthday, Refugee Tales’…

Walk three coming up this year in July. Thanks everyone and see you there!