Saturday 7 July – the prospect of a beautiful walk

We like to challenge you during Refugee Tales.
You will learn much about immigration detention, about those detained, about the system that brings this about and probably much about yourself!
However The Refugee Tales Walk is always full of surprises and delights.

This year during the morning of the first day Saturday 7th July, the Walk will pass through The Great Park, the beautiful grounds, of Hatfield House. Refugee Tales are grateful for permission to do this. We will be walking in from the west and out to the east. We hope that this regrettably short visit will fill you with a desire and a need to return to Hatfield House and grounds to fully appreciate this astounding Jacobean building and the Great Park.
Henry VIII’s children, King Edward VI and the future Queen Elizabeth I, spent their youth at Hatfield Palace. His eldest daughter, who later reigned as Queen Mary I, lived there between 1533 and 1536.
The Gardens, covering 42 acres, date from the early 17th century, and were laid out by John Tradescant the elder. Tradescant visited Europe and brought back trees and plants that had never previously been grown in England. The gardens included orchards, fountains, scented plants, water parterres, terraces, herb gardens and a foot maze.

There is much more to see book your visit here.